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Arc’teryx Equipment a Division of Amer Sports Canada Inc.
110 - 2220 Dollarton Hwy
North Vancouver, BC
Canada V7H 1A8

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Main Reception:
Phone: 604.960-3001
Fax: 604.904-3692

PFC in outdoor products

At ARC'TERYX our manufacturing philosophy blends highly skilled craftsmanship with innovative technology and design practices to create products that provide the best possible protection. We are confident in the safety of these garments and their ability to allow our community to reach their highest performance.

The values that pertain to our research and design philosophy are applied across all avenues of our business. We strive to adhere to the highest standards of consumer, environmental and work safety.

The recently launched Greenpeace Detox Campaign is aimed at working to eliminate harmful chemicals such as PFC's from the textile production process. PFC's – or perfluorinated chemicals - are a broad class of chemicals used in a wide variety of applications. Certain formulations are used throughout the outdoor industry as treatments for textiles to enhance water, oil and stain repellency - commonly known as Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatments.

DWR treatments have long been known for their advanced performance in this area but concerns have recently been raised about the possible discharge of PFC's, specifically substances referred to as PFOA and PFOS, because of their persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic properties.

Arc'teryx products are made to exacting specifications for use in the harshest conditions and environments. They are used by some of the most elite athletes and military personnel in the world and are trusted to always perform at the point of utmost need.

To achieve this high standard, we work very closely with our textile manufacturers on all levels of research and development. This includes searching for alternative DWR treatments that will withstand the harsh demands of our athletes while leaving little or no trace on the environment that we respect and play in.

Back in 2006 the US EPA and eight major chemical companies launched the PFOA Stewardship Program agreeing to voluntarily phase out C8 based PFOA DWR chemistry by 2015.

For several years now our industry and its suppliers have been engaged in removing C8 DWR from the supply chain in time for the 2015 target date. In fact most of the major outdoor textile companies that Arc'teryx works with are already very close to achieving this goal now.

We welcome the Greenpeace Detox Campaign and its initiatives in the textile industry. Arc'teryx continues to be an active member of the OIA Sustainability Working group in its work on the responsible use of chemicals and will continue to push our partners as well as our own boundaries to achieve the highest standards in outdoor apparel across the board.

Reference links:

US EPA PFOA Stewardship Program

Outdoor Industry Association: Chemical Management

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