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Chad Sayers


Chad Sayers - 12/12/78, 5'7, 147 pounds, blond hair, green eyes.

Sponsors - Arc'teryx, Adidas eyewear, Leki, Hestra, G3, Black Diamond, Peak Performance Physio, Whistler Core, Silver Star Mtn.

This unique lifestyle manifested itself organically, when I started skiing professionally 10 years ago. The challenges and injuries presented by my skiing have given me a chance to embrace life for the true gift it is and grow as an individual. As my ski career evolved, it afforded me the chance to travel year around ~ skiing, climbing, surfing, etc... Admiring the far corners of the world and exploring my creative passion for photography.

I feel extremely blessed that I can live my dreams and do what I love....

In the past 10 years I have travelled to South-East Asia, Nepal, India, all throughout Europe, Canada and the US, multiple trips to Central America, South America, Greece, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. In my heart I felt there was so much of the world to admire so I chose to see as much of it as possible threw a young mans eyes. I have experience so many beautiful moments of stillness and in spiritual solitude which allowed me to truely feel the simplicity of life.

Most defenitly the hardships of my travels have given me the chance to embrace life for what it is and open myself to grow as an individual. This unique lifestyle was defenitly something that just manifested as I became more passionate about seeing the world and doing my own photography. As the years went by and my ski career blossemed, it also gave me the chance to be travelling year around skiing mountains, climbing mountains, and enjoying life by the sea with my family, surfboard in hand!. I like to believe this journey was meant to be and to inspire...

Chad Sayers...

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