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Luka Lindic


My name is Luka Lindič and I come from Slovenia. I am 23 years old and in the past 7 years I have been getting more and more intensively occupied with alpine climbing. My goal for the future is to climb difficult routes on walls of the highest mountain ranges. Therefore I am undertaking my climbing development very meticulously and systematically. I have already climbed a large number of less demanding routes which has so far helped me gain the speed and efficiency on the big walls. I have decided to raise my level of competence gradually by doing lots of 'easier' routes and thus provide a solid foundation for the most difficult ascents. This has proved itself to be the right way as the quality of my ascents improves every year. My efforts were fully recognized when I was awarded the title of The Most Promising Alpine Climber for 2008 by Mountaineering Association of Slovenia.

I am improving my all-round development as a climber by ascents as:

Prezgodnji izliv, Bhagirathi II, India, ABO-, M8 WI6+ 6b+ 1300m (1. ascent)
BIV, Bhagirathi IV, India, D+, WI3+ M 50°-70°, 1000m (1. ascent.)
BIII, Bhagirathi III, India, ED, M5 WI5 6b, 1300m (1. ascent)
Anderson-House-Prezelj route, WK7 Charakusa, ED, 6c V M 2200m (2. ascent)
Swiss route, Julian Alps / Rakova Spica, V, M7 500m
Ledenka, Slovenian Alps / Štajerska rinka, M8 AI6 600m
Skalaška route + Couloir of dreams, Julian Alps / Triglav, V+/5 M6+ 1100m

Camilotto Pelissier, Cima Grande, 8a+ 550m
Route of fools, Julian Alps / Šite, 8a 350m
Nero su bianco, Punta Brendler, Mont Blanc, 7b, 950m (on sight)
Viki krema, Tofana di Rozes, VIII+/IX-, 850m (1. ascent)
Persian cat, Bisotoon, Iran, 7a, 1000m (1. ascent)

Game over, Dryland/Innsbruck, M13
Tension, Dryland/Innsbruck, M12+
Tool time, Kandersteg, M10+ (on sight)
(all without spurs)
Sport climbing up to 8b+

I found climbing as the way of my life, because I like the way it affects my personality. Just with climbing I realized that with right motivation and determination I can reach almost any goal.