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Pau Escale


In Memory of Pau Escalé

Pau Escalé was was not only an incredible strong ice climber and alpinist but also had the ability with his kind and loving personality to open everyones heart. Pau Escalé was an athlete of the Arc'teryx team and leaves a big gap in the alpine world and in our hearts.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Pau Escalé's family and friends. Pau, thanks for being our athlete and for everything you did for us. We will miss you a lot.


Pau was born in Spain between the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees, Catalunya in 1979.

Since childhood his parents took him to the mountains and began climbing on ice when he was 20 years old.

When he was 22 years, after an industrial accident, he had 2 surgeries on his left knee and the doctors said that he would not be able to continue climbing. That was the first day Pau really started to climb!

Because of the surgeries Pau currently only ice climbs and mountaineers. He's always in search of the intense feelings climbing brings. His favorite spot is the frágils ice falls in the Alps.

In 2010, Pau had the good fortune of being able to climb two Seracs. Since then his motto is: Alpine climb is Serac! And for the next two winters you will be able to find Pau in Fer a Cheval.

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