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Harald Philipp


Born into a family of mountaineers, I didn't really have a chance at being 'normal' at all. It started at the age of eight, when my mom took me up to some of the most impressive summits of the alps. Climbing the dolomites, ski touring gran paradiso and mont blanc got me addicted. Really addicted! A shame we lived in germany and six hours away from the alps, so the only mountainsport I could do at home was mountainbiking.

Having tried all disciplines from CC-racing to Freeride-Contests and Downhill-Marathons, I ended up creating my own discipline in hiking up mountains and descending them by bike. You can name it bike-mountaineering. I call it big fun! Living in Innsbruck, Tirol since 2005, I've got my playground right at my doorstep. Tons of well explored but never biked mountains are waiting for me. First-descended some of them already, Watzmann, Göll, Hochkönig, Plattkofel, Piz Boe and many others. And the greatest thing is, that there are more projects around here than I could do in my entire life.

Besides being an athlete, I'm self-employed as a bikeguide, showing my guests the most beautiful trails of the alps and instructing riding skills. Check out my website for more information!

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