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Will Stanhope


I was raised in North Vancouver, a 15 minute bike ride from the Edge Climbing Center. I spent most of my teenage years in that gym: breathing in chalk dust and dangling on plastic holds. Under the tutelage of Andrew Wilson and Mike Doyle, I trained for climbing competitions and eventually started getting into trouble an hour north up the highway- in Squamish.

I am 21 now and I spend my summers in Squamish, tinkering on old aid lines and mangling my fingers in cracks. I generally spend the rest of the year on the road. In the past year I have climbed in Patagonia, Indian Creek, Yosemite, the Bugaboos and the Rockies. I am most inspired by beautiful lines- the bigger the better. I also like sunrises, strong coffee at 3 AM, dry granite and campfires.

For a complete list of what I have been doing recently, please check out:

Recently I completed a new first free ascent on a 5.12+ route on the west face of Howser Spire's Central Tower in the Bugaboos


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