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Austin Ross


Nickname: Austy
Sponsors: Arc'teryx, Blizzard, Tecnica, Smith Optics, Icebreaker, WIDSIX, Soul Poles, Chocowax, Back In Action Physiotherapy & Whistler/Blackcomb
Music: Folk/Bluegrass/Country/Soul/Reggae/Funk
Movies: Hook, Point Break, All.I.Can

"Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea are excellent schoolmasters and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books." -John Lubbock

I was born on a 5 acre hobby farm on the edge of the Lillooet River in Pemberton BC to two ski bum parents on summer solstice, 1988.

It was here that my younger sister Amy and I learned to embrace the freedom we had to lose ourselves in the our own backyard. Eventually we would explore further and our eyes were opened to a whole world of rivers, lakes, fields and mountains that surrounded our small farming community. Growing up with Mt. Currie looming high above my head seared my soul with the spirit of the mountains and I knew from a very young age that one day I'd be on top of that same mountain gazing down into the valley I had grown from.

My mum and dad discovered early on that I had a lot of energy and a particular passion for swinging on ropes (and clotheslines evidently to my mothers dismay), climbing trees and jumping off houses, barns and just about anything else I could find my way to the top of... Pretty soon I was signed up for a gymnastics class and learned the importance of warm ups and stretching, air awareness, body control and the "motorcycle" landing that I now know as the "stomp." These lessons were the foundation of skills that would translate into a lot of fun for me with a number of stunts over the years.

I had a ski pass for Whistler/Blackcomb the year I was born and haven't missed a season since. Both my parents work for the mountain; dad's been ski patrolling for 30 years on Whistler and my mum teaches private lessons. They used to joke that the mountain was our babysitter. I'm so grateful that Amy and I inherited their love for the snow, winter and a magnificent sport called skiing.

These days I spend my time with like minded individuals on a quest around the world to pursue deep snow and steep lines. When I'm not skiing you can find me paragliding, climbing, playing music (guitar, mandolin, banjo...), collecting records, making jewelry, baking cookies and just generally goofing off!

To keep up with my adventures please visit and follow me on Instagram and Twitter - @AustinRoss88

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