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Free Express Shipping / Free ReturnsThe Arc'teryx Guarantee

Environmental Statement

Arc'teryx is based in North Vancouver, BC, a part of Canada that is renowned for having the backcountry as its backyard. One of the most spectacular and privileged parts of the world, the outdoors are just outside our backdoor: pristine, intact, populated with wildlife and freely available via public access. Our goal is to create products that live as we do, responsibly in tune with this environment, both locally and globally. Doing our part means knowing that our goods are manufactured with the least impact possible and that the recreational lands where our passions play out will be available for generations to come.

Our Design Philosophy and the Environment

The prolonged lifespan of one piece of premium equipment represents a substantially reduced total amount of materials used, and energy consumed in manufacture and distribution. We build high quality product that retains its performance properties and aesthetic appeal for many years. This approach has been the cornerstone of our design philosophy and continues to be the measure against which we set all our choices.

Social Responsibility

The greatest impact we can have is through hands-on programs that directly involve our manufacturing process, our products or the communities of our staff and their families.

Three guiding principles determine the programs we consider as valid social investments.

Our contact for all Social Responsibility Programs and donations is Joanne Mayzes: joanne.mayzes@arcteryx.com

Best Practices

Direct knowledge of our material sources means that we know the origin of what we choose, from the supplier to its delivery at our factories. Our sourcing team dedicates extensive research into staying informed and continually searches for the best materials available.

As a global manufacturer, we are responsible under and aware of local laws and regulations governing our products. Arc'teryx participates in the Sustainability Working Group that is part of the Outdoor Industry Association. Under the Amer Group, we follow a shared restricted substances list that addresses known regulated or banned substances, plus a few others of very high concern.

Down Insulation

Arc'teryx down comes from small farms in Eastern Europe. We have taken steps to ensure that our down sources are certified non-force fed and non-live pluck.

Our supplier, Allied Feather and Down, uses a third party supply chain auditor, the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL.com) to validate their sourcing practice claims. In addition, we work with the outdoor industry as a whole to look specifically at the issue of down sourcing. The European Outdoor Group and the OIA Sustainability Working Group, in which we are a non-voting member, have banded together with the goal of identifying potential systems of traceability for the down suppliers.

Allied Feather and Down has worked in the outdoor market since the 1980s and supplies many of the biggest brands in the industry. They are a Bluesign® system partner. Our down is cleaned and processed at their North American facility in California.

After Sales Service

Proper care and repairs on equipment is the best method of sustainable practice. A product's lifetime of performance relies on regular cleaning and correct use. Accidents do happen however. Arc'teryx offers repair services worldwide, to keep products going and keep them out of landfills. In North America, we use our local factory; in Europe we have a facility in Switzerland; and in Asia we work with our distributors to provide skilled repairs that will protect your product's technical integrity.

For many people, their favourite pack or jacket is equivalent to an old friend, one they want to keep around for as long as possible. We agree. In 2012, our after sales service repaired over 10,000 products. Those that can't be repaired to customer satisfaction often find homes through donations.

Industry Initiatives

On a Local Level

Canada is one of the most spectacular and privileged parts of the world. Recycling stations are in every neighbourhood, school, business and office. Commuter incentives exist to promote public transit; bike lanes and car pool lanes promote reduced emissions and greater traffic efficiency. Beyond these efforts, the construction of new buildings is an opportunity to implement greater change. Arc'teryx has recently moved into  new office space, with input on the process to reduce and improve our environmental footprint.

New office space includes recycled floor finishing and furniture fabrics in an open office setting that uses less materials. MesoOptics lighting fixtures distribute more light per fixture and allow better lighting control. Skylights were used wherever possible to provide natural light.

Outside the building are electric car charging stations, rain water collection on the roof and water retention gardens to capture storm water. It is the policy of the company to encourage the use of transit or self-propelled commuting, so employees are provided with a fully equipped bike room and showers. A heat exchanger on waste water reduces the energy required to provide hot water.