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How-To Shop On

How to Shop on Arc'

This is a quick guide to shopping online for Arc'teryx products on this website.

Finding products using the menu

First, click on either the › Men's Products or › Women's Products links near the top of the page to view all the products available, or hover over the links and use the drop-down menu to select your preferred categories.

Our website is divided into two sections, one for Women's products and one for Men's products. Unisex products are suitable for both genders (unisex clothing, unisex gloves, most accessories & packs) and are shown in both the Men's and Women's section.

Filtering to narrow down the number of products listed

After having clicked on the Men's or Women's products links on the previous page, you will see a product menu where all of our products are categorized in three main ways, by Collection, by Category or product type, and by Activity. Click any of these buttons and the items count in the top right hand corner will let you know how many products are displayed in the list below.

When you view the product list you will see that it is often grouped into useful sections to make it easier to see the differences between similar products. For example if you searched for Jackets for the Alpine Climbing activity you would see them grouped by Sub-Category into Waterproof Shells, Insulated Shells and Softshells etc.

The selection of products displayed can be narrowed down by clicking the Sub-Category and/or Materials buttons. As you click the items count in the top right hand corner will let you know how many products are displayed in the list below.

Sorting the list of products

The product list can be sorted by price, by weight or alphabetically. You can also filter the list to only show your favorite colour, view all jackets that come in red for example.

Finding products using the search box

If you already know the name of the product you're looking for or if you'd rather search by keyword than by using the regular product menu there is a search box near the top right hand corner of every page.

When you start typing in the search box, the 'realtime search suggestion tool' will display a list of model names or categories as you type. Click any of these suggested links to view the product or the category listed.

If the keyword you enter is very specific (such as 'ski jacket with goggle pocket') and no suggestions are displayed in the realtime search suggestion, then simply press the 'Enter' key or use your mouse to click on the small magnifying glass icon to start a search of our database for a match to your search term.

Tip: If you don't get a result, please try your search again using an alternative search term. We keep track of your searches that don't deliver any results and add these keywords to our database regularly. (Say hello to the web team, try searching for the phrase "hi web team".)

Selecting a product

This one's easy. When you see a product you like, click on the image and you will be directed to the product page.

Navigating the product page

Once you have arrived on the product page, to preview a product in its other colour options, click on the relevant thumbnail image. The large image will switch to your selected colour for you to review. Hovering over each thumbnail image will reveal the colour names.

More photos and videos are often available showing closeups of product details or how a product fits on a model. Clicking these square thumbnail images will load a larger version of the photo.

All of these images can be viewed at a 200% magnification by clicking the "Click To Zoom" link.

Tip: More information is available lower down on the product page including feature lists, materials in the product, a sizing chart link, awards the product may have won, customer reviews and a question and answer area.

Finding an item in stock in your color and size

On the product page near the top right hand corner is a drop down menu with a list of available colours and sizes. This list will also show you the stock levels for each item and occasionally when we expect more stock of a sold out item.

Select the colour and size you're interested in and we will show you all of the the purchasing options for that item.

If the item is out of stock we will give you the option to save the item for later in Your Wishlist. This is a good way to keep track of products you're interested in or even get an email from us if it comes back in stock later.

Shopping online with an authorized Arc'teryx dealer

Many of our biggest online dealers let us know what they have in stock each day so that we can let you know right on our product page.

If an authorized dealer has stock in the colour and size you have selected we will show their logo along with a link directly to the same product page on their website.

Tip: These links all open in new windows or tabs so that you can compare multiple online dealers when more than one has your selected item in stock.

Purchasing directly from Arc'teryx, adding items to Your Cart

You can also purchase directly from Arc'teryx through this website.

If we have stock in the size and colour you have selected we will show you the Arc'teryx Add To Cart button which will add the item to your Arc'teryx Shopping Cart.

Once you start an Arc'teryx Shopping Cart we will continue to show you the Add To Cart and Add To Wishlist buttons on all of the product pages.

Tip: All orders over $0.00 are elegible for free ground shipping.

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