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Base Layer Guide

phasic technology

Phase Base Layers

Designed for stop-and-go interval activities, Phase base layer garments are engineered to disperse moisture during active phases and dry quickly during rest phases keeping the user drier and warmer, enhancing personal comfort and athletic performance.

100% Hydrophobic Yarns - These lightweight, non-absorbent yarns shed water molecules, transferring them to the super wicking Phi Yarns. Encapsulated silver ions eliminate odour.

Phi Yarns - Multi-dimensional Phi yarns efficiently wick moisture laterally, dispersing moisture over the entire garment. During the active phase of your activity, this dispersed moisture helps regulate body temperature.

Bi-Component Structure - Combining the hydrophobic yarns with the multi-dimensional Phi yarns creates a bi-component structure that, through moisture dispersion, regulates body temperature during active phases, and dries faster during rest phases. The stretch knit construction eliminates the need for moisture absorbing stretch yarns, and allows the garment to retain its shape without bagginess.

Designed to provide a warm foundation under mid-layers or to act as lone insulators on warmer winter days. Advanced materials deliver high efficiency insulation with enhanced moisture management performance.
thermal technologyThermal Technology

Rho / Fleece Base Layers

Warmth per weight: how does it work?

Fleece textiles come in many weights and styles and yet they all share some common characteristics. Made of 100% polyester fibers, these fabrics create air pockets that retain body heat. These fabrics create maximum loft and long lasting performance with minimal weight. These fabrics also offer excellent breathability and dry quickly.

Eon / Rho LTW / Wool Base Layers

Lightweight and itch-free Superfine Merino wool base layer garments provide warmth and comfort in variable conditions. Merino wool is soft next-to-skin and naturally adjusts its thermal properties in changing atmospheric conditions, maintaining a comfortable equilibrium. The fabric achieves this by absorbing moisture, from cool, damp environments, and releasing a small but perceptible amount of heat through 'heat of sorption', a chemical reaction that occurs when water vapor binds to the chemical structure of the MAPP TECH Merino Wool inner core. This process acts to prevent the chilling of the wearer. Wool is the original 'intelligent' fiber.

eon  technologyEon Merino Wool Technology
Phase Fabric

Phase Fabric Video

An overview of Arc'teryx Phase fabric features.