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Amy Golumbia


Winner of the 2009 Canadian Mountain Running Championships and a member of the Canadian Mountain Running Team, Amy has a passionate connection to the mountains she now trains and competes in.

Born and raised in the once small mountain town of Canmore, Alberta, she spent her youth running single track animal trails or linking longer backpacking routes any where she could find them. She began competing in cross country meets in high school and then ran for the University of Alberta while attending university. Her love of running has stayed with her through the birth of her twin girls and continues to be her meditation time no matter where life takes her.

She has a private nutritional consulting business called Jump Start Nutrition, is a principal investigator on a leading HIV/AIDS research project and works for an international development organization.

Amy has a passion for travel and has run, hiked, climbed and competed in Nepal, Ghana, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Israel, Turkey and all over North America. But a day spent in the Rockies, hiking or running with her children or friends will always be one of her favorite activities.

Check out Amy's blog here.