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Will Gadd


Will Gadd, in motion

Will Gadd, also known as "Captain Adventure," loves doing mountain sports in the same way that a black lab loves chasing tennis balls. He strapped on crampons for the first time at age eight to climb a classic Canadian Rockies peak with his dad. On a remote caving trip the same dad pushed him through a rock hole too small for adults so little Will could explore the new cave passages on the other side--alone, at age 10. He did his first major ski traverse on the Wapta Icefields when he was 12. Will started kayaking at 14; he was too young to drive so he would call every paddler in Jasper over and over until someone would get tired of the calls and take him to the river. Yes, he's obsessive.

More than 30 years later Gadd continues to chase mountain sports with the same enthusiasm. He's won numerous national and international sport climbing competitions, the X Games for ice climbing (three gold medals), the world cup for ice climbing and many other competitions including second at the 2013 North American Championships, set the world paragliding distance record (twice, the only person to do so, more than 423K), won the US and Canadian Paragliding Nationals (several times), put up the hardest mixed and ice routes in the world for more than 15 years, written the top "how to" ice climbing book in the world (translated into five or more languages), and generally had a lot of fun while re-defining several different sports. He shares his adventures through writing, TV shows (more than 100), presentations (adventure and corporate speaking), and as a coach and guide.

With all of his accomplishments Gadd is most stoked about three things: First, despite doing dangerous sports in the mountains for more than four decades he has never had a serious injury nor has anyone on his teams; second, that he gets outside and does something, anything, more than 200 days a year; and third, that he now gets to share the mountains with his own kids. The ball is still rolling in the mountains, and Gadd is out there chasing it up first ascents, into the air with new flights, down new rivers, and wherever there's a cool adventure--big or small--to be had. His motto is, "Move."

Will Gadd is sponsored by and works for the top companies in his sports: Red Bull, Arc'teryx, Black Diamond, Scarpa, Smith Optics and Gin Gliders.

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