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Joelle Brupbacher


In Memory of Joelle Brupbacher - May 2011

We are shocked and very sad to hear that Arc`teryx athlete Joelle Brupbacher passed away on the 22nd of May 2011 on the Makalu (Nepal) above camp three. Our deepest sympathies are with her family and friends. Our thoughts are with you. We knew Joelle as incredible strong Alpinist who was a friendly, joyful and helpful spirit. We will miss her.

Growing up in the town of Berne, Switzerland, surrounded by the magesitc peaks of the Swiss Alps, Joelle started sport climbing at an early age and often frequented many of her favourite local climbing spots during the years. Soon after, Joelle discovered the challenges of big mountain climbing, and since then, it has been her new-found direction within the sport.

Talking with Joelle, it is clear to see her emotional love affair with the sport. Her eyes light up as she recounts stories of adventures in distant countries, and emotional journeys to unforgettable places.

For Joelle, there are no better places to climb than in Pakistan and Nepal, where the climbing opportunities are abundent and diverse, and the people are warm-hearted and welcoming.

Her undeniable passion for climbing has her traveling all over the world in the pursuit of the next big challenge. With several 8000 metre (24000 foot) peaks under her belt, Joelle can safely claim to be one of the elite few, extreme-mountaineers of her time.

Whenever possible, Joelle endeavours to shape her own destiny, following her passion for climbing to the top of the world‘s highest summits, where she is able to find a centred, personal, life-balance between her dreams and goals.