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Johannes Hoffmann


Current Residence: Innsbruck, Austria

"If you don´t go, you´ll never know!"

Johannes started skiing at the age of 4 on the snowy hills around Innsbruck, Austria. Inspired by MSP´s ski movie 1, starring Shane McConkey and Seth Morrison ripping steep and deep powder he bought his first fat skis and got totally addicted to winter.

After competing in many big mountain competitions, Johannes focused more on touring, ski mountaineering and traveling around the globe in search of remote mountains covered in snow. Beside skiing and studying geography, Joi has always been fascinated by capturing mountain-sport and culture on film. That´s why he founded Whiteroom Productions, a film company specialized on winter sports movies and outdoor image-film production back in 2012.

Since then he has skied in 20 different countries, on 5 continents and produced 9 ski films. During the past few years Johannes set his focus on freeride expeditions mainly to countries in central Asia. Due to the remoteness and magnitude of these mountain ranges, the glaciated peaks in this area are absolute Terra Incognito for freeride skiing. Steep ice walls, interesting cultures and a continental climate with more sunny weather days are the perfect ingredients for a great expedition and always worth making a ski film about it.

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