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Maciek Ciesielski


Date of birth: March 17, 1980
Current Residence: Poland/ Chamonix, France
Website/Blog: //www.goryonline.com/Blog,0,0,735,0,B,blog.html

Recent Media Coverage:

  • 100 porad Gór: featured coverage in this book
  • Taternik (Polish edition of American Alpine Journal): feature on ascents in Nepal and climbing in Yosemite with disabled persons
  • radio interview on Polish national radio—Program One

Career accomplishments:

  • Speed ascents on El Cap: Zodiak, 8.5h, Nose 10h,Lurking Fear 11.25h
  • Second ascent of Central Scrutinizer
  • Greenland: White Stupid Man, Nalumasortoq first free ascent, second in total; War and Poetry, Ulamertorsuaq
  • Patagonia: Iper Mermoz, Aguja Mermoz first free ascent and second ascent in total; Franco-Argentina, Fitz Roy free ascent
  • Alaska: 4 ascents in four weeks

Athlete Bio:

Poland is mainly flat and Maciek was born in the flattest area; the only mountain around was the garbage pile behind the house. Lucky for him, his physics teacher, a great alpinist and person, inspired Maciek to climb. Since then he has always been lucky with partners, often climbing with more experienced colleagues and learning from them as much as he could. This luck even followed him into marriage, although the lessons there aren't as easy to absorb.

In climbing, Maciek is attracted to the commonality between disciplines, which is why he does almost every type of climbing and looks for solutions in equipment and clothing based on his year-round experiences.

2002 was a breakthrough year—Maciek left his career as sewage engineer and flew to Alaska where he made four ascents in four weeks. A move to Yosemite followed and thus began his climbing rhythm: winter in Patagonia, the US or Canada, spring in Yosemite, summer in Pakistan or Greenland. Life following the sun and the snow.

After trying to make his living collecting pine cones (a very profitable job in Poland) he decided to go pro and began the IFMGA guide course. Any spare time beyond that goes to his family— a new born son, beautiful daughter and the best partner he has ever had, his wife.