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Marc-Andre Leclerc


Although I technically began climbing at the age of 10 at the local climbing gym, I've been a climber my entire life. As a child I was fascinated by the mountains and people who climbed them and naturally spent much of my time climbing in trees, on playgrounds, or even dragging myself across the living room floor imagining myself on the side of a mountain. When my Mom bought me a belay course and membership to our local gym I immediately became a climbing fiend, spending countless hours pulling plastic and breathing in chalk dust. But eventually I drifted away from the indoor/competition scene, finding myself drawn to the natural beauty of the mountains over artificial climbing walls. This led me to begin alpine climbing and by the time I was 15 years old I had rediscovered my love for challenging, technical rock climbs. I'm now 22 years old and spend my time traveling the world pursuing all types of climbing, but my main focus is on hard technical routes in the mountains.

I enjoy the movement and pure fun of climbing at the crags or in the boulders, but I love adventure, big mountains, and the challenges of winter climbing.

Some of my most meaningful climbs and first ascents include:


  • Reverse Torre Traverse - First Ascent
  • Directa de la Mentira, Cerro Torre North Face - First Ascent
  • The Corkscrew, Cerro Torre - First Solo Ascent


  • Slesse Mountain, Northeast Buttress - Free solo in winter, 2nd winter ascent, first winter free ascent.
  • Slesse Mountain, East Pillar Direct, Navigator Wall, Northeast Buttress - Free solo in 12 hours.
  • Serra V, Waddington Range - First solo ascent.
  • Mt. Chephren, The Wild Thing - 2nd one day ascent.
  • The Temptation of St Anthony, Squamish - First Free Ascent
  • Sport climbs to 5.14a
  • Traditional climbs to 5.13c

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