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Hut Magic

Women's Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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On the night before skiing,
all blinding bright,
drove a crew of good friends,
past trees wrapped in white.
In the truck were stacked food boxes,
ski boots & snacks.
On the roof were strapped skis,
duffel bags and packs...

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Shell Jackets

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To the hut, to the hut,
did this merry crew race
excited for alpine,
quiet and space.

& Fleece

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Insulated Jackets

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It called them together,
it glittered and spoke,
of fresh turns, steep fall lines,
pillows, cold smoke.

Skiing &

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Ski & Snowboard

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Come inside, come within
be welcome, Wilkommen.
Let life become simple, relaxed and revived!
the season of family, of shared times has arrived.

Staff Picks

Arc'teryx Staff, Ambassadors and Athletes Pick Their Favourites

Meghan Young
Arc'teryx Ambassador
Seattle Store, USA

Katie Clegg
Executive Assistant
North Vancouver Head Office, Canada

Abby Cooper
Arc'teryx Ambassador
Whistler Store, Canada

Isabelle Santoire
IFGMA Guide, Arc'teryx Ambassador
Chamonix, France

Jo Salamon
NA Media & Communications Manager
North Vancouver Head Office, Canada

Chistina Lustenberger
ACMG Ski Guide, Arc'teryx Athlete
Revelstoke, Canada

Cristi Porta
Commerical Marketing Coordinator
North Vancouver Head Office, Canada

Nyrie Waddell
Assistant Manager
Kitsilano Store, Canada

Paulina Dao
Arc'teryx Ambassador
Palo Alto Store, USA

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Here is all merry,
we share and we ski,
sleep delightful, eat with gusto;
let it snow, let it blow!


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Night draws up the covers,
it snores and it sighs
it rustles and sleeps,
it rests until nigh.

Morning drawn on the edges,
a fait rosy glow,
walking excited,
the promise of snow.

Base Layer
& Tops

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Base Layer

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By day glaciers and snowfields,
cutting arcs at great speed,

the air filled with glitter by turns
graceful and freed.
Come twilight all weary,
tired and sore,
hut magic most welcome with warmth to restore.

& Gloves

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They walked across glaciers,
they climbed and they skied,
Through valley and alpine,
and gulleys all treed.
Until they were weary, refreshed,
in the mood,
to rest, tell their stories,
play cards and share food.


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And on the last day,
hearts full with its call
hut magic brings peace,
to one and to all.

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About the Hut

The Burnie Glacier Chalet is situated in the Howson Range of the Coast Mountains, near Smithers, BC. Owner/operator and mountain guide Christoph Dietzfelbinger built the chalet with the permission of the Wet’suwet’en people.

The Howson Range is very complex terrain, with lots of glacier travel mixed with alpine passes and treed gulleys. Storms blow in and the weather can vary from mild to extremely cold. Built entirely by volunteers, the chalet has everything a person needs to be comfortable. Heat, shelter, water, a sauna, sleeping rooms, an outhouse and a wood cookstove from which chef Monika Loschberger pulls apple torte, spätzle, gourmet soups and roast chicken (for twelve people) with disarming ease. Monika, in her late sixties, loves her work because, “No matter how people leave in the morning, when they come back they are happy.”

The Wet’suwet’en people have a word that describes what it means to be part of the natural world and the cycle of life. Yinta means connectedness. This is what happens at Burnie Glacier Chalet. Winter Hut, Alpine Magic.

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