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Arc'teryx Quality Control

A brand is only as good as the quality of its products. Our system of quality control gives us the confidence to guarantee that all products are measured by our standards. The "Made by Arc'teryx" label on all of our products signifies it as being of the highest quality available, deserving of our lifetime warranty.

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From raw material to finished product, the quality control process has both broad strokes and hands-on steps to ensure that each finished piece is perfectly assembled.

Raw Materials

Our Quality Control process begins with the rolls of fabric as they arrive at the warehouse. Initially placed in quarantine, we randomly roll inspect 1/3 of all incoming fabric for colour consistency, flaws in manufacture and correct labeling before being released into stock. Using a standard system for grading and approval, each batch of fabric can be traced in the event of any future failures from the original manufacturer.

Drawcord, grommets, snaps, cuff tabs and toggles are attached by hand and are inspected by each individual worker as they are installed on the product.


In the cutting room, fabric is visually inspected before the cutting process and any flawed sections are removed. During cutting, only a certain number of pieces are cut at once, for precision.

Once cut, the various jacket parts are collected in bins and transferred to work stations. As bundles are made, pieces are checked for quality of cut and fabric. At this stage, all pieces are handled and 100% inspected.

The pieces proceed through assembly stations for lamination, embroidery, seam sealing, zipper and drawcord attachment, where they are individually handled and inspected by operators who are responsible and accountable for the quality of their work. All finishing pieces: drawcord, grommets, snaps, cuff tabs and toggles are attached by hand, and each craftsperson visually inspects each component before assembly.

In addition to this accountability, in-line checks are randomly done on 1/3 of all assembled components. The components - jacket hoods, sleeves etc. - are randomly tested for waterproofness. By this time, many individual parts are been inspected several times, by various operators and quality control personnel.

After assembly, all seams, zippers and pockets are 100% inspected, and the garment, pack or harness must pass through a final quality control inspection for workmanship and cosmetic flaws of any nature.

As the product is packed, it is identified and can be traced to a batch number to verify the fabric batch and date of jacket manufacture.

Factory Facts

The production of a single Alpha SV Jacket at the Manor Street factory, Vancouver:

  • Number of operations: 211
  • Number of minutes spent cutting: 24.149
  • Number of minutes spent sewing: 222.157
  • Number of minutes spent finishing: 32.376
  • Total number of operators who touch the jacket: 65

Total time to assemble an Alpha SV Jacket: 4 hours 38 minutes