Bora Pack Sizing Chart

Pack Sizing,
Your Body Measurements in Centimetres:

Size Men's Women's
Regular 46.5 - 51.5 42.5 - 47.5
Tall 50.5 - 55.5 46.5 - 52.5

How to Find Your Measurements:

Note: Calculate your own body measurements, then select your product size.

1. Back Length: To determine your size, measure down the spinal column from the 7th cervical vertebra and the level of the hip iliac crest

2. Hipbelt sizing: is based on a measurement around the hip iliac crest. Measure around the body at the top edge of the hip iliac crest, approximately 2 inches below the point at which you would measure your waist.

3. Shoulder strap: sizing refers to bust/chest circumference. Measure around the bust/chest at the fullest point.

Fitting The Bora AR Backpack

Interchangeable Shoulder Strap and Hipbelt Components

It is possible to interchange different size shoulder strap and hipbelt components on many Arc'teryx Packs, but this will not change or affect the back-length of the pack. Bora packs are shipped with medium hipbelts and shoulder straps. More detailed information about fit can be found in the Bora AR Backpack manual.

Please contact the retailer where you purchased your Bora AR Pack or Arc’teryx Customer Service if you require a different size. Please note, the hipbelt & shoulder straps must be in new condition to facilitate an exchange. Additional charges will occur if the belt or strap has been previously used.

Hipbelt Sizing,
Your Hip Measurements in Centimetres:

Size Men's Women's
S 73 - 86 72 - 82
M 82 - 97 80 - 92
L 94 - 107 90 - 102

Shoulder Strap Sizing,
Your Bust/Chest Measurements in Centimetres:

Size Men's Women's
S 85 - 96 78 - 90
M 93 - 109 87 - 103
L 106 - 122 100 - 112