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Warranty & Repair Policy

Arc'teryx proudly guarantees the quality and performance of all our products. Items with defects in materials or workmanship will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Arc'teryx for the practical lifetime of the product. Product damaged through wear and tear, misuse, or neglect may be repaired at a nominal charge.


How do I send back an item for Warranty, or get an item Repaired by Arc'teryx?


Fill out our online Warranty form and we will email you with full instructions on how to send your product to our Warranty & Repair Centre

Start Warranty Processs

* Note: Please do not send your item back to us without first obtaining a Return Authorization Number (RA Number). This information helps us speed your item through customs (when necessary).


Would you like some help with your warranty or repair?

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Warranty & Repair FAQ

Please select a guaranteed delivery service that provides parcel tracking information, insurance and proof of delivery. Arc’teryx is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping and cannot replace parcels lost during return shipment if proof of tracking is unavailable.

How do I submit a warranty return or a repair to Arc'teryx?

For Customers in NORTH AMERICA and EUROPE:

For ease of service, we recommend that you return your product to the store that you originally purchased the item from.

Alternatively, if this is not possible, please complete the Warranty or Repair Request Form and we will reply to you with a Return Authorization number (RA Number) and the necessary information on how to send your product in to us.

IMPORTANT! Please do not send your item back to Arc'teryx without your Return Authorization (RA Number) number. This information allows us, when necessary, to preemptively correspond with Customs officials about your return. Also note that for customs purposes we require you to provide us with a PHYSICAL address, however, your warranty/repair item can still be shipped to a PO Box.

How do I contact you with questions?

Complete our Warranty or Repair Request Form

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact one of our Customer Service agents: 1-866-458-2473

What is and isn't covered under the Warranty Policy?

Defects in materials or workmanship are covered for the practical lifetime of the product. Material refers to zippers, buckles and fabrics. Workmanship refers to seams, seam tape and construction. Damage due to wear and tears such as rips, tears, abrasion or UV degradation, misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty policy but may be repairable for a fee.

What is covered under the Warranty Policy on Arc'teryx footwear?

Defects in material and workmanship will be covered by Arc'teryx for the practical lifetime of the product. It is important to consider that the practical lifetime for footwear can vary drastically depending on the frequency and type of usage. Footwear is subject to constant abrasion and impact during normal use, and there are some clear indications that it may have surpassed its practical lifetime; examples include wearing of the outsole, frayed laces, nicks and tears. These are examples of wear and tear or damage which are not covered by Arc'teryx. If you believe there is a defect in material or workmanship present on your product, please see "How do I submit a warranty return or repair to Arc'teryx?" for instructions on how to send it to us for assessment.

What does 'practical Lifetime of the product' mean?

We build our products to last over extended periods of use, but nothing lasts indefinitely. Materials will deteriorate and fade over time and moving parts will wear out. We will cover your product under our warranty policy until such a time that we have deemed the product to be worn out beyond reasonable repair. If the product is showing the signs of its age—for instance, the material has become thin or faded, there are rips and tears, the zippers no longer catch, the cuffs are fraying, or the soles are worn—we will take this into consideration when assessing your product for a warranty request. All gear will suffer from differing degrees of wear-and-tear, depending upon the user. Equipment used by an outdoor guide for 150 days a year will by comparison, degrade faster than gear used by a weekend skier. By taking care of your equipment you will ensure a longer lifetime for your gear. We recommend that you visit our Product Care page for more information on how to wash and care for your equipment. Use your judgment when assessing whether your product is likely to be covered under our warranty policy. It may simply be time to replace your product, and we hope that Arc'teryx will have the opportunity to provide you with superior quality products and service in the future.

Will Arc'teryx repair or replace my product?

If your Arc'teryx product fails due to a manufacturing defect, where possible, we will repair the item at no charge to you. We have repair centres in both Europe and North America that employ the same custom machinery and techniques that we use to create the original products. If the product is not repairable, or the cost of the repairs exceeds the value of the product, we may, at our discretion, choose to replace the product instead.

What happens if I rip or tear my jacket or pants?

Skis, snowboards, crampons, axes and other sharp equipment will damage clothing and gloves if they come into direct contact with them. Rips, tears, burns and punctures can occur during normal use and while carrying your equipment, and are not covered under the terms of the warranty. To assist you in keeping your product in optimal working condition, we offer a variety of repairs for a reasonable charge. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options.

What if I want to have my garment altered or tailored?

We understand that sometimes you may wish to alter your garment or pack in order to accommodate your needs. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to do custom alterations or modifications to our packs or garments at this time. For products made from GORE-TEX© fabrics we suggest using a GORE-TEX© authorized repair facility for alterations. There is a list of GORE-TEX© authorized repair shops in your area on the GORE-TEX© website. If you are located in the USA we suggest using Rainy Pass Repairs for your alteration needs; they are GORE-TEX© certified and we find their work and service to be excellent.

Do alterations void my warranty?

We understand that individuals may, on occasion, wish to tailor their Arc'teryx products to suit their needs. If something should fail which is unrelated to any alterations, Arc'teryx will stand behind our products, provided that the Arc'teryx product is being used as intended. For a list of alteration facilities in your area, please visit the GORE-TEX© website.

How long will it take if I send my product in for warranty assessment and/or repair?

Our typical turn-around time is 15-20 business days in-house (from the time we receive your product to the time we ship it back to you). Keep in mind that winter is the busiest season for warranty and repair service. We will provide you with updates and more accurate estimates throughout the process.

How do I prepare my item for return to Arc'teryx?

In order to comply with health and safety regulations, as well as for the protection of our staff, we kindly ask that all products be cleaned before being sent to us. Products that arrive unwashed may be subject to a cleaning fee before assessments can be made.

To find out how to properly clean your garment, please visit the Product Care page

Please remember to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) BEFORE you send your item back to us for repair. Please complete our Warranty or Repair Request Form to initiate the process.

How are shipping costs handled?

Customers are responsible for shipping items to Arc'teryx. Arc'teryx will cover the return shipping costs. Please ensure that you ship the product using a carrier that can provide you with tracking information and proof of delivery. Customers are responsible for their product until we sign for its delivery.

What do repairs cost?

Repairs covered under the terms and conditions of our warranty policy are performed at our expense. Costs for non-warranty repairs will vary depending upon the situation. We will provide you with as many repair options as possible based upon the amount of work and materials required and the expected end result. After we have received and assessed your product, we will be able to contact you with repair options and costs. Repairs requiring payment will never be performed without your authorization.

Voltair Avalanche Airbag Limited Warranty & Repair FAQ

What is the Voltair Avalanche Airbag Limited Warranty?

The Voltair Airbag will be covered under warranty for manufacturing and material defects for the duration of three years after purchase or 50 inflations, whichever comes first.

Procline Voluntary Recall FAQ

How do I return my Procline Boots as a part of the voluntary recall?

Procline boots are to be returned directly to Arc'teryx for repair. Please visit recall.arcteryx.com/procline-boot for more information.