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Craig DeMartino


Craig grew up on the east coast being somewhat of a independent and free spirit. Never one for team sports, he attended a small university there for design and photography. After graduating, and attending a bachlor party where instead of the usual strip club, they went climbing, the hook was set.

Climbing clicked and from that point on became a huge focus of his life. Since 1992, he has travelled the States and around the world seeking out fun lines that challenge both mentally and physically.

In 2002, while climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park, a miscommunication between him and his belayer, sent him on a 100 foot ground fall. The fall resulted in the loss of his right leg, a fused back, broken neck, and a long list of injuries that have resulted in a life of chronic pain. But instead of leaving climbing, he decided to go back to the one thing he loved. In 2003, he began climbing again, and in 2005 became the first amputee to climb El Capitan in Yosemite in under 24 hours.

He started to compete in 2005 as well and at the Extremity Games, the X-Games for disabled, won double gold medals in bouldering and roped climbing. He has won that event every year he entered and this year hopes to give back by helping to organize the event and teach new disabled climbers how to climb.

These days, living in Colorado with his wife and two kids, he can be found climbing in the boulders above Fort Collins or doing routes in any of the world class areas around him. Photography is still a focus, pardon the pun, as is working to help other amputees bridge the gap between their old worlds and the new world they find themselves in.

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