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Knut Myking


Born/Age: 13.08.1984

Current Residence: Sogndal, Norway

Guest appearance in Field productions:

  • Being there (2011)
  • Eyes wide open (2009)

Career accomplishments:

  • Skiing deep powder every winter.

Raised on a sheepfarm in a small norwegian town called Aal, skiing was the thing to do in the wintertime. After doing racing, telemarking and freestyle, I have ended up touring around searching for good moments on skis.

Growing up I imagined skiing would turn into an thing of the childhood, a distant memory and an holiday-activity. Ten years ago I realized I was wrong. Skiing will always be a big part of my lifetime. Passing twenty years of skiing, sliding on snow still does not get old. I am currently living in Sogndal, Norway, taking full advantage of the what the terrain and climate has to offer.

You can follow me on instagram: @knutmyking and on tumblr:

Peace and powder

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